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Les Trois Femmes are a female vocal trio inspired by the music of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.
Their original and unique vocal arrangements take you on journey of nostalgia for that lost era of innocence while at the same time stretching the harmonic boundaries into the future.
The three and sometimes four vocals are backed up by a quartet of piano, guitar, double bass.

Myrta Sakellariou


Myrta is multi-talented and has had a rich musical journey prior to joining ‘Les Trois Femmes”.
She has delved into ethnic music and more mainstream projects but her love of jazz and three part vocals has made her an integral force in the group.

Manto Panagiotaki


Manto is one of those people that probably sang before they could walk. After singing with various jazz groups in the Athens area, she came to our attention so we invited her overfor a sing-along. Well, we are still singing and playing music together in this wonderful family we call Les Trois Femmes. She can sing the blues, pour out her heart in a ballad or swing you into a trance with a Cole Porter tune.

Ersi Oikonomou


Musicality and sensitivity, positivity coupled with a dynamic personality, a rich musical background and an open mind, a good work ethic with a focus on detail and the intrinsic need to express oneself through this particular vocal trio. The perfect combination of all these attributes in a woman who goes by the name of Ersi Oikonomou.


Mark Joseph Priest

Guitar & All Vocal Arrangements

Mark plays guitar, sings and has written all the vocal arrangements for Les Trois Femmes. The project has been a long time in the making and has not been an easy task to fulfill. He has successfully captured the mood of the era while keeping the personalities of the singers that will be singing the songs in mind. Although a very accomplished singer himself, he chooses to not be in the spotlight vocally but rather have a few personal moments in the show. The main part of his energy goes into his guitar work thus creating the harmonic backdrop that the girls can lean on musically and bring out the best in themselves.


Kostas Kostantinou

Double Bass

Kostas is literally and figuratively “The Rock”! No he is not an actor from an action film made in Hollywood. Rather, he is the rock solid, hyper-swinging acoustic bass player of Les Trois Femmes. He has played with anyone who is anyone within Greece and has also made his presence known internationally on numerous occasions. He constitutes the other half of the rhythm section of the group and is our newest member who naturally became part of the family the first time we played together. He is the ambassador of fine taste and magical bass lines that carry the group along their chosen musical escapades.


Listen to our Demo Recordings!

It’s alright with me

Stompin at the Savoy

In the Still of the Night


Listed below is the schedule of all recent and upcoming Les Trois Femmes events.
These three exquisite voices will be performing in and around the Athens area jazz clubs and will also be touring around the country doing what they do best!


Athens, Greece
Z. Pigis 45, Chalandri
11 Dec Sunday

Kelari Athenaeum

Athens, Greece
Adriannou 3, Thiseio
4 Nov Friday

Nomismatic Museum

Athens, Greece
Panepistimiou 12
28 Jul Thursday

Koroni Festival 2016

Zaga-Mylos Hotel
1 Jul Friday

European Music Day

Music Village
Pedion Arews
21 Jun Tuesday


Athens, Greece
Ierofanton 13, Gkazi
6 May Friday


Athens, Greece
31 Mar Friday

Passport Art

Piraeus, Greece
Androutsou 151
26 Feb Friday


Athens, Greece
Ierofanton 13, Gkazi
22 Jan Friday


Athens, Greece
Acadimias 18
15 Jan Friday

OKIO MusiCafe

Piraeus, Greece
Marina Zeas
21 Oct Wednesday

Fougaro Jazz Festival 3

Peloponnese, Greece
4 Oct Sunday


Kynouria, Greece
Paralio Astros
5 Jun Friday


Athens, Greece
Plateia 28hs Octovriou
20 Feb Friday


Athens, Greece
Acadimias 18
8 Jan Thursday

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